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Building And Growing interviews AbbeyCross: Emerging markets FX "a new wholesale marketplace"

The Building And Growing podcast features founders and operators that are building and scaling innovative businesses. Hosted by Lucas Calleja, the podcast provides listeners with an opportunity to learn about how companies are solving an array of pain points and understand the intricacies of their business models.

AbbeyCross is developing a wholesale marketplace to improve transparency, compliance, pricing, and service levels for payments to emerging markets. A lack of relevant market data and a fragmented and inefficient wholesale market has meant that margins on payments to emerging markets can exceed 5%.

AbbeyCross’ product roadmap has been developed through a process of co-creation with banks and emerging market payment providers, with a focus on benefiting the whole ecosystem. While Fintechs have traditionally found it difficult to engage banks, AbbeyCross is showing that there are large scale problems that banks are motivated to solve with the right partner.


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