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Fintech FocusTV interviews AbbeyCross: The start-up journey

FinTech Focus TV is hosted by Harrington Starr’s CEO, Toby Babb. This celebrated podcast invites the industry’s foremost thought leaders to share their role in driving innovation, growth, and technological change. From the merge of TradFi and DeFi, to the current state of FinTech investment opportunities, FinTech Focus TV places the spotlight on the most pressing marketplace conversations.


In this episode, Mike and Adrian share their account of the “twists and turns” that came with fundraising in 2023 and how they manged to secure $6.5M of funding from some of the world’s top VC’s, as well as AbbeyCross’ first strategic banking investor BNY Mellon.  Additionally, they also share


AbbeyCross is a platform that improves the FX payment market infrastructure for emerging market (EM) currencies. Working with global banks, MSBs, NGOs and their EM payment providers, AbbeyCross reduces technical barriers to integration, addresses compliance and continuity risk, and offers much-needed price transparency to the fragmented and inefficient EM FX payment industry.


The AbbeyCross ABX Platform delivers a single, flexible integration to two products that future-proof EM FX payments businesses in a changing world. ABX Studio provides unique EM FX market pricing data for greater transparency, insight and benchmarking. ABX Sync gives users the ability to act on that insight by executing FX trades and sending payment instructions to their EM FX payment partners.


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