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The wholesale
marketplace for emerging markets FX and payments

AbbeyCross provides access to real-time, side-by-side, executable pricing from the world's leading providers of emerging markets FX and payment services. 


Welcome to true price transparency, service choice, risk management, market data and analytics.

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Enabling banks, payment companies and NGOs to better serve their clients, communities and the world

For decades, emerging markets FX and payment services have been hampered by limited service choice, no price transparency and excessive costs.

Industry data suggests these inefficiencies cost US$10 billion per year, borne by all stakeholders including, most importantly, beneficiaries in the emerging markets. 

AbbeyCross, together with its banking, payment company, and NGO partners is working to solve these issues for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The centre-of-gravity for international payments

AbbeyCross brings the world's leading providers and users of emerging markets FX and payment services together in one place.

From side-by-side pricing, market data and analytics to streamlined transaction execution and post-trade services, AbbeyCross is the new centre-of-gravity for international payments.

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How big is the problem?


in transaction flow per year


in excess cost per year

120+ currencies

without true price transparency 

6 billion people

feeling the impact of the problem

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