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Emerging Markets 3.0

AbbeyCross’ suite of emerging markets FX and payment solutions enables banks, payment companies and NGOs to take full control of their emerging markets FX and payments – for themselves, their clients, their donors, and their beneficiaries.   

ABX Sync – emerging markets FX and payment execution

Experience the power of a single integration to access live, executable, side-by-side pricing from the world's leading emerging market FX and payment providers. 

Access multiple leading EM payment providers for FX execution and payments in over 100+ currencies ​

Streaming and RFQ pricing and execution

Configurable rules for allocating transaction flow across multiple emerging market FX and payment providers to manage counterparty, operational and redundancy risk


Real-time transaction reporting​

Streamlined post-trade activity, including cancellation, full or partial reversals, and real-time settlement tracking via Webhooks and UI​

Flexible delivery channels, including UI, standard FIX, and REST APIs

ABX Tempo – market data

The first truly market-relevant pricing data for emerging markets FX and payments.

Our historic and real-time market data covers 100+ emerging markets currency pairs from leading providers to enable banks, payment companies, corporate treasurers and NGOs to benchmark their emerging markets FX and payments, perform accurate transaction cost analysis and comply with their supervisory and regulatory obligations. 

Configurable to meet your requirements, including best price, average price, high and low​

Flexible delivery channels, including Refinitiv, FIX API, REST API, and UI

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Select from the menu of AbbeyCross price contributors based on your products, risk appetite, and target markets to ensure you receive the most relevant market data for your benchmarking, supervisory and regulatory needs

ABX Studio – reporting and analytics

Experience bank-grade data analytics and market intelligence for emerging markets FX and payment services. Whether you use market data from ABX Tempo or your own transaction data, ABX Studio equips you with actionable insights and analysis. 

Benchmark your existing providers to ensure that you are trading at fair and on-market prices ​

On and off-market reporting and analytics, with configurable tolerances and trade-by-trade reporting 

Enhanced price discovery enables you to dive deep into the data and explore alternative providers and pricing for your emerging markets FX and payments 

What-if analysis enables you to back-test your emerging markets FX and payments to understand your additional costs, or realised savings, against the leading global, regional and corridor-specific providers

Automated reporting via email or FTP

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